Meet the Committee


Juliet E McKenna has always been fascinated by myth and history, other worlds and other peoples. After studying classical history and literature at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, she worked in personnel management before a career change to combine book-selling with Ottakar’s, and motherhood. Her first novel, The Thief’s Gamble was published in 1999. The Tales of Einarinn series was followed by The Aldabreshin Compass sequence and then by The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution trilogy, exploring the causes and consequences of divided states and personal conflict. Her current series, The Hadrumal Crisis further explores the use, abuse and responsibilities of power, magical and political. She is also working on couple of other projects and contributing to three forthcoming anthologies ranging from urban fantasy to steampunk.

As well as writing diverse shorter fiction which has included tie-in stories for Doctor Who, Torchwood and Warhammer 40K, she teaches creative writing from time to time and writes articles and reviews for online and print magazines notably Interzone and Albedo One. She also works with other fantasy authors, promoting the breadth and depth of speculative fiction through The Write Fantastic. She regularly attends UK conventions with trips to Ireland, Europe and the US as and when the diary and funds permit.

She is currently serving as a judge for the Arthur C Clarke Award and for the James White Award Short Story Competition. Living in the Cotswolds, she fits in all this around her teenage sons and husband and vice versa.

Juliet E McKenna


Simon Bradshaw


Simon Bradshaw arrived at Imperial College in 1986 and found the Science Fiction Society two days later. It all went downhill from there. He has been involved in running several Eastercons (including co-chairing Concussion in 2006) and organised the science programme streams for the 1995 and 2005 Worldcons. For six years Simon was Chair of the Science Fiction Foundation and remains active on its committee; he was also co-editor and production manager for the SFF’s latest SF Studies book, The Unsilent Library.

With his varied background in engineering, the military and the law, Simon has appeared on numerous convention programme items - possibly because of his reputation as an Emergency All-Purpose Panel Member. As Head of Programme, he hopes to be able to keep this tendency under control for a change.

Steve Davies


Steve Davies is our Head of Publications, and comes to us from the award-winning fanzine Plokta.

Sue Edwards


Sue Edwards discovered parts of fandom at university, and conventions a few years later when some of her friends were helping to run them. Her first volunteering experience was sorting the gopher T-shirts at ConFiction, which was supposed to be a useful but safe activity and turned out to be the start of a slippery slope, progressing to finding a niche in the green room for most of the Eastercons and UK Worldcons since 1991, and helping on a couple of Eastercon committees.

Siân Martin

Hotel Liaison

Siân Martin is relatively new to fandom but her innate cat-herding and arm-twisting skills were quickly spotted and by the end of her first Eastercon in 2011 she found herself on the bid to run the 2013 one. Siân has travelled to many far and exotic places - and even lived in some of them for a while - in the service of what remains of the Empire; her role for Eight Squared will be to ensure that our members have as pleasant and convenient a stay as possible. Her enthusiasms include sewing, cake-making and training senior civil servants to say ‘frak’, and she frequently complains to her fiancée Simon (above) regarding his inability to provide the sort of pets she enjoys reading about such as treecats or direwolves.

Phil Nanson


Phil Nanson has been going to conventions since he discovered fandom in 1982, courtesy of  CUSFS. He’s an avid gamer and has been a judge for the Clarke Award. He has run one Eastercon Green room and worked in most of the others over the last twenty years.

He has served on the committee of the first Octocon, four Unicons, and five BRS games cons, most often as treasurer. Three of the Unicons were also games cons and the combination should probably only be counted at 1.25 conventions per event.

He’ll be applying these mathematical skills to his role of treasurer for Eight Squared.

Kari Sperring


Kari has been around in fandom for most of her life, though she likes to pretend otherwise. She attended her first mainstream convention in 1979 when she was, of course, impossibly young, but didn’t get to her first Eastercon until nearly decade later in 1987 (when she was still extremely young.) She began volunteering almost as soon as she arrived, starting out in the Dealers’ Room before moving into Green Room in around 1989. She’s stayed there ever since and is always unsure what to do with her hands on those rare occasions when she’s not carrying a drinks’ tray. She entered con-running in 1990 and has held committee posts on three unicons plus a games’ con. She’s a founder committee member of Octocon and was involved in running the first two. She is a member of the writers’ group The Write Fantastic and has helped run two events with them. She has lost count of how many cons she’s either worked in or run Green Rooms for – it includes two worldcons and at least ten Eastercons. For Eight Squared, she’s in charge of memberships. In 2009 she startled herself by turning into a professional author, but she promises not to let that get in the way of con-running and to obey Heinlein’s law on writing – do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.