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Walter Jon Williams began publishing SF in the mid-1980s with Knight Moves, Hardwired and Voice of the Whirlwind. Since then books such as Aristoi, Metropolitan, City On Fire and Implied Spaces have been highly praised, and many of his novels and short stories have featured on Hugo and Nebula award shortlists; he won the 1996 Sidewise Award for ‘Foreign Devils’. In the ‘Dread Empire's Fall’ series Williams tackled epic space opera, whilst his most recent trilogy begins with This Is Not A Game, continues with Deep State and concludes with The Fourth Wall. Extrapolating near-future uses and abuses of technology in the worlds of online gaming and entertainment, he explores the blurring of lines between politics and celebrity in SF thrillers, shifting from wry humour to compelling menace with the turn of a page.

Walter Jon Williams

Freda Warrington is the author of Elfland, Midsummer Night and A Taste Of Blood Wine among other fantasy novels and has just completed her twentieth book, Grail Of The Summer Stars for Tor (US). She has spent most of her life in Leicestershire, where a love of the ancient landscapes of Charnwood Forest inspired an early feeling for otherworldly atmospheres and storytelling. After training at Loughborough College of Art, she worked for several years in graphic design and medical art, along with a variety of other jobs in between writing. She also enjoys arts and crafts, all things Gothic, yoga and walking, Arabian horses, SF conventions and travelling with her husband Mike.

Freda Warrington

Anne Sudworth is internationally known for her magical trees and haunting moonlit landscapes. She has been drawing and painting since early childhood and started her career as a professional artist in 1993. Anne has since exhibited widely and her work can now be found in many collections around the world. Her dark, moody pastel paintings are deeply involved with nature and its more mystical aspects. She is also well known for her depiction of many of Britain's megalithic sites, including Avebury, Stonehenge and Castlerigg Stone Circle. In 2000 the first book on her work was published, Enchanted World: The Art Of Anne Sudworth, followed in 2007 by Gothic Fantasies: The Paintings Of Anne Sudworth.

Edward James is well-known for his discussion and critical appraisal of science fiction, through his time as editor of Foundation, as author of Science Fiction In The Twentieth Century and (with Farah Mendlesohn) A Short History of Fantasy, and as an editor of The Cambridge Companion To Science Fiction, The Cambridge Companion To Fantasy and The Parliament Of Dreams: Conferring On Babylon 5. Edward has also had a long involvement with British and Irish fandom, having joined the Birmingham SF Group in 1963, so Eight Squared Con will mark his fiftieth year in Fandom!

Edward James (Wikipedia)

Anne Sudworth

Edward James